For anyone who’s followed “Church Lady Cake Diaries” from its humble beginnings, the original plan was to produce a documentary featuring stories of people who make meaningful connections and memories from baking “from scratch.” Johari Rashad‘s journey to deliver her pound cakes to friends in New Orleans was the initial launch.

The “Church Lady Cake Diaries” took a turn to brinng some attention to itself and collect more stories through the “Makes-Me-Wanna SHOUT! Baking Challenge” which is now a story unto itself but still connected to the vision for “Church Lady Cake Diaries.” Well, looks like we may be picking up the ball where we left off. This month the DC Office of Television and Film selected me to be the July filmmaker of the month.

I guess the pressure’s on. Right now the inclusion and transformation of this blog to a web series is in development. Not “D-Hell” show biz folks talk about. With the new media and new ways to distribute content, we can and will shoot footage without anyone having to “greenlight” us.

The storytelling was the heart of this project all along.

As the late great playwright Wendy Wasserstein (“Uncommon Women and Others”) advised me years ago, “never throw away your first draft.” You always come back to the original idea.

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