I’ve been checking out some of the fancy and fun gingerbread houses online. Ordered two gingerbread house kits for holiday gifts from King Arthur Flour even though I’ve never made one myself. I guess it’s baking spectator sport for me. Check out some of the entries for their Gingerbread contest on Pinterest.

The Downton Abbey gingerbread estate takes the cake! I’m a long-time fan of PBS “Masterpiece Theatre” and thrilled that it’s finally not the wall flower of television drama any more thanks to the soapy period piece “Downton Abbey.” The 3rd installment, which already aired in the UK, has its US premiere on “Masterpiece Theatre” January 6, 2013.

“The Chew” also debuted a gingerbread house with chocolate created by Carla Hall. Carla is such the artist with desserts. Her “Once Upon a Time” gingerbread house should be sprinkled with fairy dust. The house is inspired by the ABC show “Once Upon a Time.”

After seeing the “Once Upon a Time” house, I have to share this cartoon from The New Yorker

Tom Cheney for The New Yorker

Best Wishes for the Holidays

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