My sister is the chief cookie baker during the holidays. She was the one who initiated the annual sugar and gingerbread cookie baking. We still have our old metal cutters which are now favored above the plastic cutters of Peanuts characters and other commerical influences from the 1970s. Aside from the fruit cake, I’m putting cakes and pies aside for cookies. I’ve got my co-worker’s ginger snap recipe and may add something a little more complicated (for me anyway). My sister will do her signature rugelach (inspired by Joan Nathan’s recipe) and a cardamom pepper cookies from “More” magazine. I think the online recipe is different from the printed recipe, but the “oops” tasted just as good.

Carla Hall recorded this sugar cookie decorating video for The Washington Post. I guess if we take a jab at sugar cookies again, we’ll grow up to what Carla’s doing here.

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