I’ve resisted putting myself front and center of the Church Lady Cake Diaries. I always felt the work can speak for itself. But well intentioned friends suggested I step from behind the curtain in the age of internet, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Media is social. So I called Gemal Woods, a producer in Washington, DC and owner of Park Triangle Productions. Gemal’s been producing an online series called The Angle Showwhere guests just roll on in and share their stories. Sound familiar? I didn’t take a cake or pie with me, but Gemal has posted two videos from our session, which I’m sharing below. BTW “The Angle Show” won best travel, talk, lifestyle or music series from LA Web Series Festival 2012. So here I am, the “foodlorist” behind “Church Lady Cake Diaries.”

“A Passion for Food”

“Last Meal”

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