Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer and the official time when Eatonville Restaurant adds a coconut cake to the menu.

Wednesday, Decoyise “Dee” Brown came to the Eatonville kitchen for the test baking of her winning coconut cake recipe from the “Makes-Me-Wanna SHOUT!” Coconut Cake Challenge (a presentation of “Church Lady Cake Diaries” and Eatonville Restaurant). Executive Chef Garret Fleming and Pastry Chef Gregoria Contreras took a different turn, much to everyone’s surprise, when it was time to add the cream of coconut. (see video)

And more news…
Dee’s coconut cake recipe (with calorie count) was published in the Washington Post thanks to Bonnie Benwick who spent Mother’s Day with the “cake whisperer” and her family in Waldorf, MD. Bonnie not only got Dee’s story but more recipes for a chocolate cake, seafood quiche, and tomato-basil soup.

The Southern Maryland News was proud of their hometown baker. Sarah Poynor‘s story, “Long Work On Coconut Cake Recipe Wins Woman Prize” was the first to hit the presses.

The idea of a cake with “fresh coconut” caught the attention of New York Times dining writer Nick Fox for his recipe reading list.

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