"Cake" by Faith Te

These are the final three stories by the Makes-Me-Wanna SHOUT! Coconut Cake Semifinalists.  The semifinals are Saturday, March 19 from 2 – 4 PM at Miriam’s Kitchen (2401 Virginia Avenue, NW at 24th Street).   Tickets are $15 and benefit Miriam’s Kitchen.   Purchase tickets online at this link.

In addition to a menu of coconut cakes, there will be some savory distractions from Miriam’s Kitchen and Eatonville Restaurant.   Eatonville’s executive chef Garret Fleming will be preparing cucumber, mint and honey tea sandwiches.  Get the story behind the tea sandwiches on the Eatonville Restaurant Food Stories blog.

Savor a memory.

This is the coconut lover’s coconut cake! I make it because I love to bake. Baking relaxes me. I also love to eat.
Marguerite Pridgen, Washington, DC

My grandmother’s favorite cake is coconut cake. Her second favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie. For many years I have attempted to recreate the coconut cake of her childhood. Recently I decided to combine her two favorite desserts by combining the coconut and lemon flavor.
Carmen Watkins, Alexandria, VA

My mother always insisted that she could do better than store-bought cake, and one day she did. She used to always bake a “hummingbird” cake for work parties. One day she took the cake and coated it in shredded coconut. I was lucky enough to deserve a “test slice” before she took it to work. After that taste, I went from being a kid who hated the taste of an Almond Joy bar, to a coconut lover.
Christine Perez, Washington, DC

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